Our Staff

Jeff Spar
Chief Investigator | DCJS 99-220818

Jeff Spar has been a Senior Investigator for Virginia Court Services for 24 years. Jeff also served in the US Army 1978. Majored in Criminal Justice at Ulster County Comm College. Jeff is an Appointed USDC Special Process Server since 1994 through the USDC Western District of Virginia. Jeff is recognized by all the local State & Federal Courts as a respected professional in his line of work. In addition to working with Virginia Court Services, Mr. Spar has also performed work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Department of Justice over the past 20 years. He has also liaison with the Roanoke County Attorney’s Office and the Department of Social Services throughout his career. Previously Jeff worked as a Check Fraud Investigator for 10 years.

Elizabeth Spar
DCJS 99-418252

Elizabeth has been working as a Process Server Part Time for 8 years and has become part of our Investigation team as a registered Private Investigator. Elizabeth is also a student at VA WESTERN

Lee J Guiliani
DCJS 99-180912

Lee has been an asset to our office … Lee is registered in Armed Security Officer/Courier, Private Investigator, Alarm Respondent, Personal Protection Specialist, Lee also has over 15 years as a Insrtuctor. in DCJS courses.

Mark B.A. Spar
DCJS 99-641545

Mark has been on our team as a IT Specialist, Process Server since 2013.  Mark is in the process of completing Courses in Private Investigator, Unarmed Security Officer / Courier, Armed Security Officer(with Arrest Auth).

Juliann Curran-Spar
DCJS 99-418253

Juliann has joined our investigation team as a registered Private Investigator.   Juliann holds a Bachelors Degree from Bluefield College (2014) in Criminal Justice.